Bolton Therapy & Wellness - A Partnership For Your Best Life
I am a licensed clinical therapist and I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, stress, psychological trauma, grief and loss. 

The foundation of my clinical practice is the creation of a safe, accepting and non judgmental atmosphere for every client.  We will work collaboratively to explore your inner as well as outer life in order to create a plan that allows you to achieve your personal life goals.  You may want to create greater happiness in your family, with your work, or in your individual life. 

 I am a TV psychological consultant for FoxNews45, TV One cable network as well as various radio programs.  I am also a state qualified medical(psychological) expert. 

I use a collaborative approach of Evidence Based Practice Models including:

When athletes want to improve their performance, they dedicate time to practicing skills, both old and new ones.  When musicians want to improve their technique, they practice.  Those of us who want to improve ourselves will set aside some time on a regular basis to focus on that improvement.  We make the time to get better and stronger, and sometimes talk therapy is the best way to achieve that.